Assessing Actions

Been thinking about yesterday and the value of going to the KABAM festival each year. The cons are – travel distance, low sales and no time to work on my current novel. The pros are – interaction with other writers (both local and distant), the possibility of having that ‘one’ person walk up and offer you a publishing/marketing contract. It didn’t happen yesterday, but you never know who was there and what they saw/read.

I was chosen by my grandson Nick to be his confirmation sponsor. Because I can’t be with him physically each week, we call each other every Sunday as suggested by the confirmation coordinator. Today was Sunday and Sunday is the day we make the calls to check to see if spiritual guidance is needed in any way. Fortunately, guidance wasn’t needed this week, so we just had a nice conversation about a report on the immune system he had to write, then orally present it to his teacher and his classmates. He feels like he did quite well. He is brilliant, so no worries about his grade on the report.

Also, today, I worked on Peace by Pieces – Farrell Family Saga  –  Book 7. I worked on the formatting of ‘was’ and effectively sharing old family memories/deeds without boring the reader to death. I think I got it, but won’t know for a few days. Regardless, it worked for me and brought back lots of Farrell family antics/gatherings.  The current characters’ trip down memory lane is about over and soon I’ll have them back in Houston for their moon trip prep.

All that work with memories brought to mind this quote from Cicero. “Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.” So very true!


KABAM – 2016

Spent a fun day in Kingman, AZ at their annual KABAM (Kingman Area Books Are Magic) festival. Lots of authors attended, at least 5 from Lake Havasu City. The three sitting near me in the author’s tent were from the Phoenix area. The variety of genres was quite varied, but there did seem to be a lot of fantasy and children’s books. To supplement the author sales, there were booths containing food, arts, crafts and clothing.

The planners worked hard and were so very accommodating to us authors. They had entertainment on a small stage from 10 am to 4 pm consisting of musicians, poets and story tellers.

The only drawback was lack of customers/readers. Most of the folks who stopped at my table to talk to me were authors who had tables themselves. I didn’t make many sales, but met some interesting folks. My favorite was a nine year old boy who kept coming back to my table to talk. He said he loved to read and intended to write his own book someday. I made him promise that he would write a ‘book’ and bring it to my table next year so I could read it. He said he loved fantasy and had many ideas of his own, especially regarding a character called ‘Flash’. I enjoyed his positive outlook on life and his promise to write his book. I’ll look for him at next year’s KABAM.

Mike, one of the moderators on the small stage, came around and interviewed the authors. He would take that info to the microphone and do a nice ad/promo for that author’s selection of books. When he did mine, he talked about my Farrell Family Saga series of books. He said the name, then spelled it out. Because, he joked, folks might think it was the ‘Feral’ Family. He laughed and said maybe they were feral which could make them a different kind of exciting reads. I do have to admit that, at times, some of the Farrell brothers have acted quite feral. Anyway, it was a cute promo and I thank Mike for it.

All in all, it was a good day and I came home motivated and hopeful. Those feelings, along with my memory of that nine year old potential author, reminded of this quote from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. “We have left undone those things which we ought to have done.”

My latest novel ‘The Band – Farrell Family Saga Book 6

Sharon Poppen’s latest novel, The Band – Farrell Family Saga Book 6, is now available in both print and ebook at Below is the blurb on the back cover of the book.

The Band

The Band – The Farrell Family Saga – Book 6

The world has tended to the wounds suffered across the lands. Human nature has picked up the pieces and prosperity looms for those willing to accept the past, but look to the future and all the possibilities it offers.

The latest generation of the Farrell Family has joined in looking toward the future. They continue to love ranching and daily intermingling with the land and the livestock, but another love has taken the attention of the sons of Josh and Lani Farrell. Their Hawaiian ancestors have instilled a love of music in all four sons. In this novel, the Farrell brothers are ranchers by day and musicians by night after forming a quartet to entertain tourists in the nightspots of Maui.

Growing up as son of a father who gave so much during the Second World War, oldest son J.J. took on responsibilities as devoted son and reliable brother. He accepted those responsibilities readily. In addition to his brothers, a child of druggie parents comes under his protective wing. This child, Annie, becomes the love of his life.

A talent agent discovers the brothers and lures them into the wild world of rock and roll music. They take the name The Islanders and the four young Farrell men are introduced to the exciting, yet dangerous, world of music. A world filled with fan admiration, exhausting touring, alcohol, drugs and women wanting their night with a music idol. A world not appreciated by their wives.

As usual with the Farrell family, what happens to one Farrell affects every Farrell from grandparent to grandchild. I hope this family continues to touch your heart and that you’ll want to read on to discover how this next Farrell generation copes with the changing times as they search for their generation of love, happiness and peace in their lives.



LHCWG – Writers Forums

The Lake Havasu City Writer’s Group begins its 2016 Writers Forum Presentations tomorrow, Jan. 11, 2016 at Mohave Communtiy College. The topic for this presentation is ‘So You Want to Write Short Stories – Fiction’. The moderator is Sharon Poppen. The program starts at 7:00 p.m. in room 202.

New Story Posted

Just posted a new short story. With high school graduations happening all over the country, I thought my readers might enjoy the tale of a nerd’s attempt to change his image as he exits his high school years. You can find it on the menu along the right side of my website under the category ‘Story of the Week’. Just a fun piece I hope you enjoy.

Congrats to all the graduates who will be moving on to high school, college or careers. Work hard, make plans for the future, but most of all remember to have fun.

A Communion in the Rain

A Communion in the Rain

By Sharon Poppen

“Now we got rain.  Shit!  I’m cold.”  Gene stomped his boots.  Slushy snow spattered out in all directions as Gene sought to warm his feet.  Scanning the forest, he noticed very little green amidst the tall pines in the snow-covered landscape and no deer tracks.

“Hey!”  His brother, Bubba Ray, backed away from the icy muck spewing from Gene’s boots.  “Damn you, Gene.  Now I’m all wet.  Calm down.”

“I’m gonna calm down all right.  I’m outta here.”

“You leaving?”  Charley, their younger brother, couldn’t believe his ears.  They couldn’t be giving up.

“Damn straight.”  Gene turned around.  “This rain’ll spook ‘em off anyhow.  No use catchin’ cold when we already got two nice bucks.”

Bubba Ray nudged Charley to follow their older brother.  “I agree.”

“But, I ain’t got my kill yet.  You promised.  Said when I turned fourteen, I could get my own deer.”  Charley stood his ground.  This was his first hunt with his older brothers and he sure didn’t want to go home empty handed.

“Next year.  There’s always next year.”  Gene was making his way up the hill.  It was at least a mile back to the truck.

“I ain’t goin’.”  Charley continued along the trail alone.

Gene turned around.  “Don’t be a pain in the ass.  It’s too damn cold.  Get over here.”

“No.”  Charley kept walking.

“Can’t leave him,” Bubba Ray told Gene.  “Mama’ll have our hides.”

“Charley.  Don’t make me come get you.”  Gene yelled after his brother.

“Leave or shut up.  You’re scaring the deer.”  Charley hefted his rifle up with a jerk skyward as if to punctuate his determination.  He lowered it and kept walking.

“I ain’t kidding Charley.  We’ll leave you here.”  Gene gave a last warning.

Charley kept walking.  Eventually, he risked a look back and found the trail empty.  His first reaction was fear, then anger took over.  “Hell with ‘em!”  Charley muttered into the downpour.

Within a few minutes, Charley found a thick copse of trees that offered a canopy to shelter him from some of the rain.  He squatted down to wait.

The rain showed no sign of letting up as minutes crawled by in the downpour.  When despair would begin to inch its way into Charley’s resolve, he’d picture the bucks his brothers had already loaded onto the truck and his hope would surge.  He had to get his kill.

He was about to lift his hat and shake out some of the rain, when a rustle in the bushes across from him drew his attention.  Fighting his instinct to take aim at the noise, he froze in place.

A deer tentatively eased out into the open, just as a ray of sunlight broke though the overcast.  The magnificent full-racked buck looked up toward the heavens, then turned to face Charley.  The sunray was eaten by the clouds, leaving the buck and Charley to exchange a look of understanding, as if each knew their place in the universe.  Charley blinked.  In graceful leaps, the buck moved across the snow-covered ground and out of sight.

Charley walked from beneath the tree branches and looked off in the direction the buck had taken.

“Damn it, Charley.  Enough is enough!  Get your ass back to the truck.”

Charley smiled at the sound of Gene’s voice.  “I’m coming.”  He almost waved, so strong was the spiritual feeling that the buck was watching him.  Like they’d made a psychic connection of some sort.  He turned and began to walk toward his brother.

When they were side by side, Gene put his hand on his brother’s shoulder.  “There’s always next year, little brother.”

They walked back to the truck with Gene sharing the details of a couple of his unfruitful hunting trips.  As Charley opened the truck door, he glanced at the two bucks stacked in the truck bed.  He winced.  Charley put his gun in the window rack knowing full well, he’d never touch it again.

The End


“Deborah’s Story” Book Signing

DeborahsStory_ForWebJoin Sharon Poppen Saturday, May 9th, 2015 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Hastings Entertainment, 321 Lake Havasu Avenue North, Lake Havasu City, Arizona. She will be signing her newest novel, “Deborah’s Story” which is the third book in the Farrell Family Saga.

Stop by and say “Hi!”

Join Sharon at KABAM! — Kingman Area Books Are Magic.

Sharon Poppen will be at KABAM — the Kingman Area Books Are Magic event on May 2, 2015.

Located at 315 W Beale at Grandview, in Kingman, Arizona, the 4 acre Metcalfe Park will be home to the Eleventh Annual book festival. Come join in the fun!

Authors…Books…Live Entertainment…FREE Family Fun…and a chance to meet and greet Sharon Poppen and many other local authors.