RegardlessPhotographer/Artist Michael Parker from the planet Maurac is gay. Star Command Captain Tom McConnell is a heterosexual, Earthling who is married with a five-year-old daughter. While enjoying an Aspen ski vacation, Tom’s wife sleeps late, leaving Tom alone on the early morning slopes where he meets Michael. In addition to the skiing, the men enjoy conversation and espresso after their runs. Tom finds himself unnerved by an attraction to Michael.
Back in San Francisco, Tom and Michael cross paths now and then. Eventually, Tom decides he misses their camaraderie of Aspen and they begin having coffee and conversation on an old pier from time to time. Again, Tom finds himself struggling with his attraction to Michael and finally confronts him. Michael declares his love for Tom with a kiss. Tom panics, punches him and nearly puts Michael’s eye out. Tom vows that whatever it was, it’s over. After Tom’s wife accuses him of infidelity, he confesses his feelings for Michael. Tom goes to Michael, who welcomes him and their relationship is consummated. Reactions range from acceptance to denial from both the straight and the gay communities.
Once the men accept their destiny, ‘Regardless’ brings readers into the challenging world awaiting these two men who have fallen in love against all odds as they jointly cope with conflicted children, contrary family members, career impediments and unspeakable loss. The main characters are so strongly developed that readers experience, along with Michael and Tom, the impact of unshakable love when accompanied by unwavering trust and total commitment.

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