Hannah: A Review

Thursday, June 2, 2011
Book Review: Hannah
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Reviewed by Alyssa Ast
Book Title: Hannah
Author: Sharon Poppen
Publisher: Virtual Tales
Genre: Western/Thriller
Recommended? Yes
“Hannah and Caleb are young newlyweds on the plains of Texas in the late nineteenth century. They’ve staked their claim and have built a new home and a new life as cattle ranchers. But a cloud of dust in the distance rides towards their cabin and changes Hannah’s life forever. Caleb is shot and Hannah is abused and raped by a gang of rustlers. Left for dead, Hannah recovers and sets off to exact revenge. Join Hannah on her determined quest through the bordellos, churches, and shanty courts of the old west as she makes her own justice – and finds a new love along the way.”   Courtesy Amazon.com.
When I purchased Hannah, I was lucky enough to meet the author, Sharon Poppen. She was able to provide me with a little inside information regarding the book, which intrigued my interest in the novel even further. Hannah is about a young bride who endures a brutal attack and survives to seek revenge against the men who killed her husband and raped her. Through a story of twists and turns, packed with adventure, Hannah sets out on her journey and finds a new love in the process.
Although this isn’t the typical book I would read, I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was a quick and easy read. I like the fact the story began right away and there wasn’t any dilly dawdling to get to the plot. Normally, I skim over areas in books that are basically boring and pointless to me, but there weren’t any in this book. The story flowed very smoothly without any unnecessary scenes or plots. The book does contain some intimate and sexual parts, but the details are slight and the scenes are merely suggestive.
I would recommend Hannah as a good read. I feel Sharon Poppen did an excellent job connecting the main character with her readers. Very well written and well thought out.


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