The Woman Between

TheWomanBetweenThe Woman Between – The Farrell Family Saga Book 4 moves this family of old civil war veterans forward with the introduction of the sons of Michael and Lita Villasenor Farrell. Stephen and John Farrell are two of three close-knit brothers, each having the back of the other two in all areas. Until Susan, a young vulnerable woman, enters their lives.

Family loyalty is tested when city girl Susan uses Stephen, the family scholar, to escape a loveless existence with her society driven mother and vile stepfather. Her escape brings her from Washington D.C. to the family ranch beneath the Grand Tetons of Wyoming as Stephen’s wife. Her arrival triggers a series of moral challenges for John, the family bad boy who loves his ranching and his loose women.

As usual with the Farrell family, what happens to one Farrell affects every Farrell from grandparent to grandchild. In The Woman Between the entire family is forced into the dilemma of whether to accept change or to demand that things remain the same.

I hope this family continues to touch your heart and that you’ll want to read on to discover how this next Farrell generation copes with the changing times as they search for their generation of love, happiness and peace in their lives.

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