Deborah’s Story

DeborahsStory_ForWebDeborah’s Story – Farrell Family Saga – Book 3

The Farrell clan has moved on from their days of avenging wartime atrocities. They are now responsible ranchers working their herds amid the wilderness beauty of verdant meadows and untamed mountain streams beneath Wyoming’s Grand Teton Mountains.

Deborah’s Story revisits the relationship of the youngest Farrell brother, Danny, and his estranged wife, Deborah. The former lovers are presented with an opportunity, or risk, in dealing with a chance for reconciliation. But, as with all opportunities or risks, situations arise that bring challenges.

In Deborah’s Story these challenges include dealing with a resentful and jealous daughter, a stepson hell bent on becoming his own man and skepticism from members of the Farrell brothers.

The author’s hope is that this family continues to touch your hearts and that readers will enjoy reading how the brothers fare as husbands, fathers and ranchers in this rambunctious continuation of the Farrell Family adventures.