Lita – Going Home

Lita Cover_ForWebLita – Going Home – Farrell Family Saga – Book2 


In After the War, Before the Peace – Book 1 the saga of the Farrell Family began.

In Lita-Going Home, the Farrell Family has moved on from their days of avenging wartime atrocities and are preparing to relocate to an area near Jackson, Wyoming. Michael Farrell has married Lita Villasenor and they are expecting a baby. Michael has Lita’s full support in the move from Mexico to Wyoming, but Michael feels that she needs one last visit to her family before making the move.

Against discouragement from the family, he and his brother, Joe, embark on a journey down into Mexico where moments of both happiness and horror challenge that decision. I hope this family continues to touch your heart and that you’ll want to read on to see how the brothers fare as husbands, fathers and ranchers in this rambunctious continuation of the Farrell Family adventures.

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