First Friday and Paul Bailey’s Scholarship

Our last First Friday of the season was on May 6th. McCullough Blvd. was lined with local artists once again. Surprisingly, we had a fairly big crowd. I talked with several folks who have read my books and made several sales to new readers. I can’t thank Karen Wright enough for organizing this for me.

We were joined this time by fellow author Buck Dopp and his wife Stephanie. We started the evening at Jersey’s Grill for supper. Buck was featuring his latest novel ‘Second Wind’. A great novel with a surprise ending.

Another event Buck, Stephanie and I attended was the local high school’s ‘Night of Excellence’ where scholarships are awarded to seniors. This past year we lost a fellow writer, Paul Bailey. He was a prolific writer, publisher and editor. He is sorely missed by so many folks, especially me. His wife April suggested that instead of sending flowers and such, we collect money and offer a scholarship to a high school senior with a focus on writing. Another fellow writer Regina Olsen coordinated the money collected from several local clubs and it produced a $605 Scholarship. On Monday, May 9th, Buck, Stephanie, April, Regina and I attended the event. Buck gave a lovely presentation speech and April, through tears, shared some thoughts of Paul. It was a beautiful evening and the young lady receiving the award was most thankful.

After the awards, the five of us went out to supper at Barley Brothers. Great meal, great company, great friends. Writers are the best!