What’s Malie Doing These Days?

With ‘Moose Rides and Wedding Rings’ published and my latest novel about an Irish girl adjusting to being left alone to take care of herself in the town of Lancaster, Calif. in the editing stage, I decided it was time to start a new novel.

Readers liked the character Malie in ‘MR&WR’ and wanted to know how she fares by moving to Canada. I’m still working on a plot, but there will be Canadian Mounted Police, the Finley Clan and of course lots of family dynamics. It’s taking a lot of research regarding the CMP and the Dawson/Whitehorse area of the Yukon, but, as usual, the story will be about people, both good and bad.

The weather here in Lake Havasu City, Az is relatively mild for this time of year. No 100 degree temps so far. But, after living here for 30 years, the hot weather doesn’t bother me. Bring it on!