Hot – Hot – Hot

I live in Arizona! Love it! However, this past week has been a challenge for my A/C system. But, when I get frustrated I think back to my days growing up in Chicago with the snow, sleet, below zero weather, icy wind and avoiding snowball attacks. Still, happy memories. Chicago will always have a special place in my heart – The Museum of Science and Industry, Riverview Amusement Park, Wriggly Field, Chicago Theatre, Paradise Theatre and riding the El Train. Great memories.

As for my writing, I’m moving forward with ‘Patrick and River’. Soooooooo much research! But what fun! I’ve seen great pictures of Cessnas, the Snake River, The Paiute Native American Tribe, horse tack and tree/water moss. Lots of beautiful images. River is having some second thoughts about his trek from Dawson City to New Mexico, has lost his horse and is beginning to come to terms with the woman who raised him. I look forward to spending time with these characters each day.

My novel ‘Regardless’ is doing well on Amazon. Lots of interest in the way of downloading free books and in Kindle pages read, along with good sales. What everyone seems to love is the characters and I love hearing that.

I’ll close today with ‘There are no uninteresting things, there are only uninterested people.’  A quote from Gilbert K. Chesterton.