Regardless – Now available at

At long last, I have republished ‘Regardless’. It is available at as both a print and ebook. This gay/sci-fi novel tells the story of two people who fall in, but shouldn’t. The book takes the reader to places across the universe as the two men deal with how their relationship affects their family, friends and careers.

Summer has arrived here in Lake Havasu City. Many folks are complaining about the heat. Yeah, it’s hot, but to this Chicago girl it sure beats snow, sleet, ice sheets, below zero temps and let’s don’t forget the wind. So, yeah, it’s hot, but got to love the A/C.

I’ve left the writer’s group I’ve been with for years. As my writing as progressed, I find I enjoy writing novels rather than short stories. I have found a group of just six writers who are focused on writing fiction novels. We will keep the group at six members and meet once a month to critique a chapter of each other’s work. It has been a blessing. The backgrounds of all the writers, 4 women and 2 men, are so varied that the validation/conflict of any research our novel requires is widespread.

My latest motivational quote is from a movie called ‘Home Run’. One of the characters tell a young boy who is at bat in his little league game that, “Nothing great happens when you hold back!!!” Soooo true.

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