Reader Feedback


Received a review today for Mama Played for the King. The reader said she really enjoyed the book and all the trauma the family went through. And, best of all, she said will be reading more of my books. All of that is music to my ears.

Getting feedback, good or bad, is a  challenge to the writer to analyze what was said. Writers needs to verify that the positive comments are validation and that they are on the right track for effective fiction writing. Or, if the feedback is negative, to assess and check for an area of their writing that needs work. Either way, the writer is lucky to have that information as they work on their current writing.

I’m working on some critiques of my writing from several fellow writers. Their praise or their suggestions for necessary adds/changes/deletes are so very valuable and have helped me improve my writing skills over the years.

Yet, there is a difference in how a reader versus a fellow writer sees the writing. Sometimes a fellow writer will suggest changes that portray their writer’s ‘voice’ versus your own writer’s ‘voice.’ A good writer can be identified early in their novels by their writer’s ‘voice’.

But, no matter, feedback is what we writer’s want and when we get it, it is sincerely appreciated. Which brings to mind the following quote by Samuel Johnson. “I would rather be attacked than unnoticed. For the worst thing you can do to an author is to be silent as to his works.”