Wow! What a year!!

2014 has been a wild ride! Released my collection of short stories ‘Just for You’, had 5 speaking engagements and traveled to Tucson for a book festival. This Saturday, I will be traveling to Kingman, Arizona for their annual KABAM festival. You can check out all the fun things that will be happening at . Of course, I will be trying to find new readers for my books!

The speaking engagements were a lot of fun, I moderated workshops on short story writing, journal writing, novel writing, balancing dialog, narrative and point of view and bringing your scenes to life. On a couple of them I was part of a panel. The reviews were good and it was fun.

My daughter and I spent a few days in Los Angeles. We went to a seminar at UCLA, her alma mater, and got to hear Troy Aikmen speak about the economics of NFL. Then, we went to see the musical ‘Book of Mormon’. I found it offensive in so many ways and I’m not very religious. Whether you’re a believer or not, I don’t find mocking Jesus or and form of spiritual belief amusing.

I’m still working on book 7 ‘Space’ (not the final title) of my ‘After the War, Before the Peace’ series. I’m working on some horror, which is not my forte, but it’s necessary to the plot. Stretching the envelope is always good.

Also, working on the covers for all seven books. I’ve found a girl who looks so much like my mental picture of Lita and she has agreed to pose for a series of pictures. Fellow writers, Buck Dopp and Paul Bailey, are going to finalize the pictures and hopefully we’ll end up with a great cover.

Got to sign off now. There is a meeting at Mohave Community College tonight featuring some of our writers discussing editing. Then it’s off for some ‘Tivial Pursuit’ challenges at our local bar, The Office.

Let me close with this quote on time – “The Present is a Point just passed.” David Russell