Nothing Great Happens When You Hold Back

Nothing Great Happens When You Hold Back!!

Had a very busy summer – 2 more books published (Finding Amy and Mama Played for the King), working on marketing the three books I have on Amazon, finalizing a book of short stories to go on sale at Amazon within a week, vacationing in Calif. with kids and grandkids and just plain having fun.

The sales for Hannah have been so rewarding. Lots of good reviews are coming in to the Amazon site.

As for works in progress, I finished the sixth book in the After the War, Before the Peace series. The working name is the The Band. It was a fun, yet challenging endeavor as I took a character that starts out as the rock of the family, turn him into a vile creature that most of the family walks away from and finally turning him back into the family member the entire clan once depended on. I’ve gotten some great critiques from my writer’s group that have helped me to fine tune this on one of the best of the Farrell Brothers series. Now, I’m working on what will be the final book of the series. It’s working title is Space. I hope to bring my readers full circle as to the impact of Carmenalita, the young Mexican girl in the first book, through the accomplishments of her namesake and great, granddaughter.

I saw a wonderful film this summer – Home Run. It was a study very similar to what I put the character J.J. through in my novel the band – moving a character from good to bad, then back to good. I came away from that movie with a lovely motivational quote that I keep and read in my daily calendar. The man character, a pro baseball player, advises a little league boy that “Nothing great happens when you hold back!!!”

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