Another Book on Amazon

So very excited! Patty and I have completed the administrative process for another book to go live on Amazon.  This one is Finding Amy. I wrote it quite a few years ago. The romance publishers wouldn’t take it because it had too much plot. Go figure! Anyway. the success with Hannah encouraged us to go forward with it. The cover is awful, but I learned something in that process. I hope the book blub and the story will attract readers.

Speaking of Hannah sales are now over 450, so it looks like JoAnn’s goal of 500 may be achievable. Got my fingers crossed. Also, the reviews have been so very positive!

Been attending some meetings around town lately featuring a couple of ladies who managed to escape from a polygamist sect up in Utah. Very sad tale of how women are treated in that community. Again, it makes me question the existence of a God who would allow such things. If adult women buy into such nonsense, then that’s free will and I don’t have an issue with God not interfering. But, according to these women, girls hardly into their teens are regularly molested, even by the fathers. Those young girls have ‘free choice’? I hardly think so. Very sad, indeed.

Got feedback on another section of The Band. It’s so interesting to read the varied opinions of the main character J.J. My plan is to work the character from being the ‘rock’ for his family, to a totally self-indulgent fool and then turn him back into the ‘rock’. It’s been fun. Some of the critiques treat J.J. harshly while others resent his wife for not being at his side. I’m enjoying their comments and seriously considering their suggestions. Once it’s published, I can only hope that my readers will be fascinated by J.J.’s wild ride and end of liking him when ’The End’ is written.

Got to close for now as I have a meeting in the a.m. with my web mistress. So, here’s my quote of the day. “Belief is desecrated when given to unproved and unquestioned statements for the solace and private pleasure of the believer… It is wrong always, everywhere, and for everyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.” – William James

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