Success is Motivating

I know in the overall assessment of things, the fact that over 7,000 readers now have ‘Hannah’ to read is a pittance to what well known authors have achieved. But, the numbers are motivating me to do more in the way of submissions and moving the story line in my current novel forward. As of a few minutes ago, ‘Hannah’s’ sales numbers are now 201! Yahoo!!!

Got more feed back on Leon Uris today from a friend who is reading ‘Redemption’. She is having trouble getting hooked as far as plot and/or characters. She is not fond of the usage of colloquial Irish dialog because it sometimes makes her miss the meaning. I hope it gets better for her. I know I liked Uris’ ‘Trinity’ better, but I still loved ‘Redemption’

Had lunch today with a fellow writer who specializes in poetry. His poems are often dark and based on experiences during a career in law enforcement. He’s a highly intelligent man, so he tends to want to ‘educate’ with his books. I think it’s good that overall their are writers for every reader need. I focus on those who want to be entertained – those who want to voyeur into how others react when put in the positions I often set my characters into.

So teach or entertain? Both have merit, but after the horror that occurred during the Boston marathon, I’m looking for entertainment. Something to take me to another place. The horror will always be there, but to have a few minutes/hours of fiction often makes the other easier to deal with.

So, my quote of the day deals with escapism. “listen: there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go.” e.e. cummings

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