More Book Club Fun

I mentioned that our next author for my July book club was Brandt Legg. I have to say I really loved his book ‘The Last Librarian’. His characters were well developed, both good people and bad people, and the plot moved along with excellent pacing. What was scary is that it was about a worldwide pandemic like we just experienced. It was so realistic that I thought he had written it very recently, but the book was published in 2015. He sure had a good idea of what was coming.

My only problem with the book was the ending. I hate when an author makes me have to buy another book to find out the ending. Fortunately for me, I’m a writer so it was no problem for me to write an ending that satisfied my interpretation of how the characters would act and how the story would end. I liked my ending. So, unfortunately for Mr. Legg, he won’t be selling another book to me, for The Last Librarian or any other book he writers. I would be afraid it would not have an ending. As for the members of my book club, he scored a 50/50 rating as to whether they liked his writing and whether they would purchase another one of his books.

My work on my novel Malie is taking a surprising turn. One of the main characters, CMP Constable Brian Stockton is becoming the main character. I’m ultimately going to try to get him and Malie together, but who knows. Good characters often do to this to writers.
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