Summer has Arrived

Summer has arrived in Lake Havasu City. Temps were over 100 most of last week. Down to the high 90s this week.

Nothing exciting last week. Still working on my Malie novel. I’m really getting into the characters and a twist in the plot is becoming clear. Again more research. It is about six miles from Dawson City to Midnight Dome, a beautiful cliff above the city. One of the character is out riding and I needed to know how far a horse can trot in about an hour. Seems like maybe a mile if you stop occasionally and let the horse walk.

Spent Saturday with my nephew Zach and his wife Bobbi. Love them to piece. Bobbi is very clever with her cooking and canning skills. She bought me a couple of white cups and using some sort of a decal she was able to add some wording to the cups. One reads ‘I’m a writer. Anything you say or do may be used in my novel’ and the other one has two sayings. One is ‘Can’ talk now, my characters are talking to me.’ The other us ‘Can’t talk now, my characters are talking about you.’ I just love them and I love Bobbi for making them.

That’s about it for this week. Let me leave you with this quote by Bruce Lee. “Cease negative chattering…Pessimism blunts the tools you need to succeed.”

Research for Latest Book

I’ve started on my new novel. So many readers want to know what happens to Malie from ‘Moose Rides and Wedding Rings’ that I’ve decided to tell her story. Right now she is managing a saloon in Dawson City, Yukon. It’s in the late 1940s. The town is growing and bringing family type people into town, which is bringing unwanted attention to the local saloons and the women who work there.

I needed to know how the Yukon handled ladies of the night. Turns out it isn’t illegal. I was surprised to find that out. I find it strange that it is illegal in most of the U.S. states, yet marijuana is becoming legal. Where’s the logic in that. Anyway, as usual, I’m really enjoying working with Malie and creating new characters, like the new Canadian Mounted Police Constable assigned to Dawson. More to come!

I got some feedback today on ‘Moose Rides …’ Turns out the reader really liked the book, but didn’t like Kathleen, one of the main characters. Said she seemed pitiful. Love hearing how my readers feel about my books.

First Friday and Paul Bailey’s Scholarship

Our last First Friday of the season was on May 6th. McCullough Blvd. was lined with local artists once again. Surprisingly, we had a fairly big crowd. I talked with several folks who have read my books and made several sales to new readers. I can’t thank Karen Wright enough for organizing this for me.

We were joined this time by fellow author Buck Dopp and his wife Stephanie. We started the evening at Jersey’s Grill for supper. Buck was featuring his latest novel ‘Second Wind’. A great novel with a surprise ending.

Another event Buck, Stephanie and I attended was the local high school’s ‘Night of Excellence’ where scholarships are awarded to seniors. This past year we lost a fellow writer, Paul Bailey. He was a prolific writer, publisher and editor. He is sorely missed by so many folks, especially me. His wife April suggested that instead of sending flowers and such, we collect money and offer a scholarship to a high school senior with a focus on writing. Another fellow writer Regina Olsen coordinated the money collected from several local clubs and it produced a $605 Scholarship. On Monday, May 9th, Buck, Stephanie, April, Regina and I attended the event. Buck gave a lovely presentation speech and April, through tears, shared some thoughts of Paul. It was a beautiful evening and the young lady receiving the award was most thankful.

After the awards, the five of us went out to supper at Barley Brothers. Great meal, great company, great friends. Writers are the best!


What’s Malie Doing These Days?

With ‘Moose Rides and Wedding Rings’ published and my latest novel about an Irish girl adjusting to being left alone to take care of herself in the town of Lancaster, Calif. in the editing stage, I decided it was time to start a new novel.

Readers liked the character Malie in ‘MR&WR’ and wanted to know how she fares by moving to Canada. I’m still working on a plot, but there will be Canadian Mounted Police, the Finley Clan and of course lots of family dynamics. It’s taking a lot of research regarding the CMP and the Dawson/Whitehorse area of the Yukon, but, as usual, the story will be about people, both good and bad.

The weather here in Lake Havasu City, Az is relatively mild for this time of year. No 100 degree temps so far. But, after living here for 30 years, the hot weather doesn’t bother me. Bring it on!