New Story Posted

Just posted a new short story. With high school graduations happening all over the country, I thought my readers might enjoy the tale of a nerd’s attempt to change his image as he exits his high school years. You can find it on the menu along the right side of my website under the category ‘Story of the Week’. Just a fun piece I hope you enjoy.

Congrats to all the graduates who will be moving on to high school, college or careers. Work hard, make plans for the future, but most of all remember to have fun.

A Halloween Tale

    Touring New Orleans


“Don’t go in there.”  Lacy pleaded.

“It’ll be fun. It’s Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Halloween.”

“Please, don’t.”

Ken entered Madam Marrie’s Voodoo Wonderland.

A black woman flashed a toothless smile.  “Com’on in chillen.”

Lacy shivered and took Ken’s hand.  They wandered though candles, incense and miniatures statues.

After a wistful glance back at the entrance, Lacy turned and ran into a hairy, scary shrunken head.  She shrieked.

“Honey, it’s rubber.”

“Looks real!”

At that moment, a headless hunchback emerged through beaded curtains. “Marrie, where’s ma andouille sandwich. Ya done said ya’d bring me one.”

Lacy fainted!

She woke to the black woman crooning, “chile, whaz a matta?  You done scared us.”

“Honey!”  Ken patted her cheek.  “You fainted.”

Lacy grabbed Ken’s arm and stood up.  “I saw a headless creature!”

“Cherie?”  A dwarfish man leaned close, his open cape revealing his head.  “Jus’ tryin’ ta get Marrie ta feed me now, so’s we won’t be late ta da masked ball.”  His eyes widened.  “Ya thinkin’ I’m really headless?”  He howled.

Lacy glared.  “I didn’t want to come in here in the first place.”  Turning, she ran into the shrunken head.  Giving it a swift whack, she trounced away.

Ken turned to Marrie.  “Sorry.  My wife …”

“Don’ worry.  We’ll laugh ‘bout this Halloween for years.”  Giggling, she disappeared through the beaded curtains.

Ken caught Lacy at the corner with hope that someday they’d laugh about this Halloween.  Lacy’s expression assured him that it would be in the far distant future.

The End